The sun sets,
The indigo deepens
containing madder.

At the rich indigo,
torchlight conspicuous.
The people depart tomorrow
hornpipe, sing, and dance.

The coal tones white at dawn.
The sun is full prepared.
The tract with globe rotation
is given equally.

茜を含みながら    藍を深める

濃藍のころは     松明が映える
明日発つ人々は 音を 奏で 歌い 踊る

昧爽 墨がだんだんと 白みを帯びる
陽は じゅうぶんに  力を蓄えている
自転と共にある    時間の経過は
あらゆる違いを超えて 平等にある

quitan 2022

Photograph: Eri Kawamura (u.m.i management)
Hair & Make Up: Hiroko Nishi (omotesando aterlier)
Model: Sarasa Matsumoto / Daichi Matsuno
Graphic Design: Hirofumi Abe

Design: Sae V. Miyata

There were overflowing numbers of "differences" in our world.
Those differences would have been rooted in their respective fields, not been disharmony.

Before the diversity was uniformed by modernization, what was the world like?

"Quitan" is a bricolage of such fellowships for beautiful cultures.